Hypebeast x new balance

This projected consisted of the collaboration between HYPEBEAST and New Balance sneakers for the 20th anniversary since the first introduction of the New Balance 580 silhouette. Collaborating with New Balance on this special project to showcase a narrative through visual imagery, video, and a landing page on HYPEBEAST.com to embrace the exploration concept facilitated by two distinct designs of the 580 models, "Earth" and "Space."

location scouting

The first part of this project consisted of scouting for two possible suitable locations that can can best portray the theme of earth and space.

Hypebeast x New Balance.jpg


For the concept of "Space," we take this cohesion of engineering, exploration and the serene nature of space, to form the theme of the first 580 silhouette.

HB x NB Earth.jpg


The combination of abandoned areas and the strong culture of exploration is the centre of our design as we try to portray the beautiful blend of palettes.

Graphic and Packaging Designs

As part of the re-branding process, the packaging for all our products had to be updated for boxes, stickers, tissue gift wrap, envelopes, and gift cards.

web & mobile app designs

Part of the re-branding process was to also revamp the E-commerce site, HBX.com. Which I designed a cleaner layout in displaying our products visually for customers to easily read and understand the details. Our mobile app download page also needed to be updated for iOS.