portfolio work

Here is a selection of recent work that focuses on Art Direction, Photography, Branding and Content Creation.



Working for DigitalRev was an amazing experience simply because I got to play with the newest gear from world leading brands such as Canon, Sony, and DJI. As their Director of Photography, I produced and directed videos for their 1.8 million subscribed YouTube channel. I also created daily content and managed their Instagram account making boring photography gear look sexy. 



Recently I moved over to Hong Kong to work as the Creative Director for HBX also known as the official HYPEBEAST online store. With over 300 carefully curated brands worlwide that showcase fashion from streetwear to high-end. Conceptualized, designed, produced creative brief of the New Balance X HYPEBEAST collaboration to tell a narrative between earth and space.


Robert herjavec

My previous job was to manage Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec's online presence. I produced an abundance of photography/video content for his website, YouTube Channel, and collaborated with other companies for interviews such as Reddit and Ferrari. Here's a couple of the strongest projects I worked on:


noah galloway

Noah is Robert's good friend that is also a TV Personality/ Celebrity. Working on video, photography, social media for Noah Galloway (War Veteran that survived a severe bomb explosion and featured on cover of Men's Fitness Magazine and The Ellen Degeneres Show).


Kym johnson

While working with Robert, we also helped brand his girlfriend at the time (his wife now) create a website for her including photography, video, and producing her fitness DVD. Kym Johnson is a professional Australian Dancer on Dancing with The Stars.