Robert herjavec

My previous job was to help manage Robert Herjavec from ABC's Shark Tank social media presence. Producing photography and video content for his website, YouTube Channel, and collaborated with other companies for interviews such as Reddit and Ferrari. Here's a couple of the strongest projects I have worked with him on:


Robert herjavec on ferrari: the art of innovation

Worked with the Ferrari team for a video interview with Robert in a discourse on Innovation, supporting the launch of the new California T.

Robert herjavec: reddit - formative moment series

Collaborated Formative and Reddit in collaboration with Reddit’s entrepreneur community and Google Cloud Platform for their interview with Robert.

Web Design

Working for Robert meant we had to build him a website that would portray him as the successful business man he is. With the help of strong visual assets, I was able to revamp his existing website to a newer and cleaner layout.


about page

shark tank